Azadeh Ganjeh- born on 1983 in Tehran (Iran)- is a playwright and Theater Director. She is also an Assistant Professor in Faculty of performing art and music in University of Tehran. Her special interest in theater for development and Social Theater lead to achieving national and international prizes for her site-specific and immersive theater Productions. She is specialized in Iranian Theater History and focuses her interest on Cultural mobility theory and theatre for development. Her PhD dissertation on “Performing Hamlet in Modern Iran (1900-2012); effects of major Iranian revolutions on performing Hamlet” is an answer to this tendency. After receiving her Master in Civil Engineering, She earned a Theater directing M.A degree from Tehran Art University and Graduated as a Dr. in philosophy from Bern University. Since then in addition to her carrier in academy, She have taught directing workshops with concentration on Environmental Theater, Interactive Theater and performance theory as well as theater therapy workshops for immigrant children. She is a member of Iranian Theater directors' forum.