Blinded You walk in your neighborhood, trying to get familiar with neighbors. You sneak into curtain-less windows or left-open doors to complete the story of its inhabitants. You are free to explore, to imagine, to communicate and unveil. You are free to expose your presence. What if you are confined to physical borders of a house? What if your existence is buried under a veil? What if there is a will to clear you from public’s memory?
“Blinded” tries to act in contradiction to this will, to remind the existence of the veiled and denied person and to make contemporary witnesses through audiences of a performative event. You are the one who can unveil this denied existence with an address and a key to enter the “Denied house”. At the exact time go to the address you received, turn the key in the lock and enter the apartment. You are “free” to explore this “cell”. You are able to crawl under this veil. Hear the life-trace of the residence, get close to objects and they will give testimony of this solitary life. You are the ghost of the haunted house; You are the witness of history. Concept / Script / Direction: Azadeh Ganjeh
Technical Director: Foad Esfahani
Voice: Iran Jalali-Riahi, Foad Esfahani
Stage Design: Azadeh Ganjeh
Sound Design / Sound Editing: Hassan Shabankareh
Technical Support / Director Assistance: Sepand Saedi
Dramaturgy: Azadeh Ganjeh / Foad Esfahani
Video: Sepand Saedi
Production Management: Foad Esfahani Blinded is produced with cooperation of Territori Festival di teatro 2017.