Matter and Mind March 2018, Tehran Artistic objects and creations make memories and in this process new questions about cultural aspects of memory and the ability of our mind arises. Questions like: what makes an artistic object eternal among mass memories of a human being? Does such material has the ability to haunt the space? how does our relation to past revitalise in the body of an artistic object? Is it only the object which speaks with us of its memories or do we also start an everlasting dialogue with it? “Matter and Mind” changes the contemporary museum of Art to an Audio Bubble to find out the answers to these questions in a collaborative performance. Artistic objects -either present or absent -are haunting the museum and our memories. Our present experience is always haunted by our previous ones, like a ghost who never leaves the space. Audience will join this site-specific performance using their cellphones and an application to hear, watch and visualise others memories related to present or absent objects in the museum. They would add their personal memories to this mass. Come along and join the haunters. Tehran Museum of Contemporary Arts Script/ Direction: Azadeh Ganjeh
Idea: Azadeh Ganjeh, Foad Esfahani
Technique and Edit: Sepand Saedi
Voice: Mehrnoosh Shariati, Mahroo Sahranavard, Abtin Riahi, Foad Esfahani and Amir Rad