Phone Booth Spring 2006 and Autumn-Winter 2011, Tehran Enter the yellow Phone booth and you are part of the play. A real old phone booth is placed in a public venue in down town Tehran. This special nostalgic space has been omitted from public areas of Iran since years and its theatrical presence in city is an homage to its citizens forgotten-forbidden memories. Audience can freely enter the booth during day-time and with picking up the phone he/she will participate in a phone-talk (live or pre-recorded). The theme of plays are civil and human rights and brings out the question of reacting as an activist or a suffering outsider. “Moulavi hall”, Public Entrance
“Tehran Gallary”, Public Entrance
“Tehran Art University”, Main yard Winner of special prize and diploma for the most creative idea in the 9th Experimental Theatre Festival
Winner of best theatre directing in the 9th Experimental Theatre Festival